Portfolio of intellectual property for SMEs.


Innovation and technology is changing global markets very fast. In the digital economy, the intangible capital gains more value. The emergence of global value chains needs SME applying innovation and technology in its products and services. That is why protection of innovation is every day more necessary. Patents, Industrial Models, Design Models, Trademarks,  has important value in global value chains.

Much of the price that customers decide to pay for a good, derives from this protection.

Intangibles protection generates competitive advantages and minimize the hazard of infringements. A strategy of IP whit a portfolio of IP, exclude the possibility of appropriation by third parties.

SMEs Challenges:

  1. Be leaders, sustainable growth, gain new markets and consumers worldwide.
  2. Be more efficient. Get better results with less costs.
  3. Identify the innovative products of the company from its commercial value

Towards an IP Portfolio

The strategy must be aligned with the goals of the company at the short, medium and large term. STKconsultants© helps your SMES on how to implement the strategy and asses the intangibles.

The strategy must:

  1. Develop an inventory of IP, aligned with the business plan.
  2. Identify gaps with competitors, partners and leaders of the industry.
  3. Improve the internal organization related with IP

As a result of this work, your SMEs should:

  1. Know better the use of product protected by IP.
  2. Identify the economic and tech value of each invention.
  3. Provide strategic information for investors, partners and stakeholders.
  4. Protect the IP developments.