Innovation and entrepreneurship

Many people and companies face challenges to reach the market with innovative goods and services. To solve a specific problem, improve the efficiency of a process and to offer customers a new and exclusive product.

In the economy of knowledge breaking products faces challenges from the very beginning. From the stage of the problem to be solve, the idea-solution, proof of concept, and market launch. In all that phases technology solutions are need

The Challenges:

  • Which is the scope of the application?
  • Which is the competitive landscape?
  • Which are the potential market opportunities?

The solutions:

 STKconsultants©  works as a platform that integral services to entrepreneurs and startups that wants to reach the market with an innovative idea.

  • We link startups with technological solutions
  • We analyze the legal framework for the development of startups.
  • We link startups with expert networks.

STKconsultants© helps you to:

  • Assess the information for your products.
  • Understand the market.
  • Identify the strengths and weakness of competitors.
  • Know better market opportunities.
  • Comprehend final consumers.
  • Recognize strategic partnerships.
  • Know better the investment needed.
  • Protect your technology.